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PACE welcomes back Russia: who is at fault and what can Ukraine do

In the night of the 25th of June, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) invited Russia to return to its place in PACE without any restrictions on their vote. Ukrainian diplomat Vasyl Filipchuk explains to “Apostrophe” the repercussions of the decision and what Ukraine should do next.


Pavlo Petrenko: Zelensky's people will need our help

Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko explained why he decided to run for Parliament on the part of the political force of Volodymyr Groysman, why "Narodnyi Front" is not going to the elections, and whether the appointment of a new head of the presidential Administration is legal.

​Yoga – an instrument of tolerance or science of self-awareness of UN social politics

Why yoga help to establish fraternity, social unity, justice, tolerance and peace

Poroshenko 2.0: Zelensky's surprising behavior in Berlin and Paris

All Volodymyr Zelensky's statements during his first foreign visits practically repeated Poroshenko's narrative.

How “Kolomoyskyi’s Hand” replaced the “Kremlin’s Hand”

Why one could trace a certain famous Ukrainian oligarch’s interests in the decisions of Barishevka District Court, will he be able to achieve his goals, and why this situation may become a catalyst for far bigger problems.

"Disco" in Mar'yinka: why the Ukrainian army captures the "gray zone"

Occupation of "gray areas" in the Donbass can be both tactical and strategic plan of the Ukrainian command.


It is a weird thing that Russia is trying to defend the reputation of the Soviet state - Jared Harris, actor of Chernobyl series

One of the main roles in the series was played by the British actor Jared Harris. Due to the tough workload, Jared’s Manager in Los Angeles found only 10 minutes for the telephone conversation with "Apostrophe" journalist. During this time we asked Harris about the role of the scientist Valerii Legasov, filming in Kyiv and the desire get to see Chernobyl firsthand

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