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Егор Киян о ходе социальных реформ в Украине


Nearly 40 candidates are registered for the Presidential electoral campaign, which is an unprecedented number in Ukrainian history, Kyian Yehor writes.

aking into account the variety of candidates, Ukrainian society expected a fruitful discussion and presentation of innovative electoral programs with the vision of the country`s future economic development. However, the hopes did not come true due to almost all the candidates had a populistic rhetoric.

In turn, only several candidates have presented a broader version of their electoral programs, while elaborating the concrete steps to achieve the given promises. Of course, the most noticeable among them remains the "New Economic Course" of Yulia Tymoshenko, that is the only one proposing reforms with social orientation.

Everyone should agree that Ukraine is passing difficult times in 2019-2020 due to external turbulence and debt burden. Thus, responsibility and social vector is of a high priority now. From this point, the socio-economic part of the "New Economic Course" seems interesting to analyze.

In general, the document describes the dilemmaof the choice between the market freedoms and the scope of government regulation of the Ukrainian economy. As a result, the authors keep to the line of the concept of Social Market Economy that seems to be optimal for Ukrainian development. Otherwise, under Ukrainian deformed institutional system, the standard liberal slogans may cover the attempts to monopolize markets by large business groups.

Thus, the program aims at creating equal rules and fair competition for everyone, while fighting monopolies and providing social guarantees for citizens. As a result, the clan-oligarchic institutional order will be changed to the social market economy.

In turn, the electoral program declares the creation of new workplaces, worthy salaries, personalized pension system, compulsory health insurance, affordable housing, programs of free extracurricular development of children, guaranteed provision of warriors etc.

Along with that, the issues of fighting monopolies are raised. The main focus is being made on the elimination of the monopolies in the energy markets. With the aim to create a competitive environment in Ukraine, it is proposed to demonopolize the gas imports to Ukraine, to implement of a complete electricity market and exchange trade in energy resources. For sure, in case that happens, there is a real possibility to reduce the prices for energy resources and to create favorable conditions not only for businesses, but also for the society.

However, some of the program points may be hard to achieve. It is still debatable whether Ukraine can reach European wages in 5 years. Moreover, unpredictable external market conjuncture may make 7% annual growth almost impossible.

Despite that, the "New Economic Course" of Yulia Tymoshenko is a thorough program and the social vector goes throughout all program points, while proposing the concrete steps of structural reforms. And Ukraine really needs that changes.

In addition, whatever the results of the elections will be, there is also a hope that more politicians will become socially responsible for their decisions andwill offer similar progressive plans outside of different electoral races, while using them not only for the sake of victory, but for the sake of country and the society as a whole. However, it will also require the higher culture of the voter in Ukraine, that will stimulate the politicians to write balanced and progressive plans with the aim to fulfill them.

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