Friday, 23 August

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Trump gave the order, which may affect the financial assistance to Ukraine

The US White house issued an order to the State Department and the US Agency for international development (USAID) to temporarily stop the transfer of financial assistance abroad for verification, this decision can stop the allocation of US financial assistance for Ukraine.

This was reported by the "Voice of America".

Thus, the Administrative and budgetary Department of the Administration of President Donald Trump ordered the Department to stop spending money on programs that are not approved at the official level. In particular, funding will be frozen in the following areas: medicine, drug control, peacekeeping operations and territorial development.

According to some sources in Washington, this decision will "cut" aid to foreign countries in the amount of up to $ 4 billion. If the "freeze" does not stop until September 30 – the money will return to the Federal budget. The Congress is actively criticizing this project, because it was adopted right before the parliamentary holidays and it will not be possible to block it.

"The contempt with which the administration treats Congress is striking. When Congress decides how much we should spend on foreign aid, it's not just a proposal. This law, supported by the Constitution... The Decree destroys the leadership of the United States around the world," the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of The House of representatives Eliot Engel said.

According to "Apostrophe", earlier it became known that Ukraine appealed to the United States to purchase another batch of anti-tank missile systems Javelin.

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