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Ze first political crises of 2020

​The beginning of 2020 was marked by a high profile scandal, featuring the recordings of Prime Minister Oleksiy Goncharuk’s conversations. While the conversations didn’t contain any facts of corruption, they provoked a strong reaction from both the authorities and the society, demonstrating the government’s lack of professional leadership and ethical correctness.

A deadly coronavirus spreading in China and beyond: how to avoid the disease

​People all around the globe are worried about the appearance of a new deadly virus called 2019-nCoV. According to the latest data, the Wuhan-originated coronavirus has killed 17 people and infected at least 440 others in China. Nearly 50 people are in critical condition.

Vladimir Putin is making fundamental changes in Russia

Nobody expected anything special from Vladimir Putin's ordinary address to the Federal Assembly. The Russian President, however, decided to surprise everyone by announcing a series of amendments to the Russian Constitution. Shortly after the speech, the Russian government – headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – resigned.

Iranian missile: consequences for Ukraine

​Iran admitted that it "unintentionally shot down" a Ukrainian plane over its territory, thus putting an end to speculations around this issue. At the same time, it started a new round of problems and challenges. International Centre for Policy Studies has been closely monitoring the situation and publishing its position on the lessons Ukraine should learn from the crisis.

Ukraine is not Syria, yet it has similar problems – UNDP expert

UNDP experts have issued a new human development report “Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today”. According to its analysis, people are increasingly able to provide for their basic needs. At the same time, new forms of inequality emerge in the areas of education and access to technology. UNDP senior economist Ben Slay explained the reasons and solutions for the human development inequalities.


Ukraine won’t defeat Russia on its own, it should follow two tracks – Rebecca Harms

​Former Member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms shared her opinion on the issues of ecology and refugees, Russia’s aggressive policy and Europe’s role in establishing peace in Ukraine.

Ukrainian economic developments in 2019 and prospects for 2020

​Despite the presidential and parliamentary elections, the year 2019 was characterized by relative stability in the country’s economic situation. The new government had promised to actively implement the necessary reforms. As Ukraine’s economy will be one of the key factors defining the political and the social landscape, the existing trends and possible economic risks should be assessed.

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