Sunday, 26 January


Vladimir Putin is making fundamental changes in Russia

Nobody expected anything special from Vladimir Putin's ordinary address to the Federal Assembly. The Russian President, however, decided to surprise everyone by announcing a series of amendments to the Russian Constitution. Shortly after the speech, the Russian government – headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – resigned.


Ukraine won’t defeat Russia on its own, it should follow two tracks – Rebecca Harms

​Former Member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms shared her opinion on the issues of ecology and refugees, Russia’s aggressive policy and Europe’s role in establishing peace in Ukraine.

"Tossing a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox": global consequences of Soleimani's death

On the night of January 3, head of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force and Iran's top general, Qasem Soleimani, was killed in the American airstrike in Baghdad. Soleimani's death threatens a new military conflict in the Middle East.


Ukraine can shut the door on politicians that peddle easily discredited conspiracy theories - Michael Willard

Trump's generals have left, the wisest of his advisors have left, and there is not a supervisory adult in the room to monitor the actions of the five-year-old child at the helm. There is little chance he will be convicted in a US Senate dominated by Republicans. However, as long as there is a free investigatory press, his malfeasance and the “Ukraine issue” will not go away.

Tanks in the Donbas: Putin on Ukraine and other issues

​On December 19, Vladimir Putin held his final annual press conference, and much of the focus was on Ukraine. The Kremlin leader answered numerous questions about geopolitics, sanctions, nuclear war, and other issues.

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