Thursday, 27 June

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Zelensky’s aide made a clear statement about dissolving Verkhovna Rada: video

The newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymir Zelensky has come to a final decision to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada. Zelensky will initiate the process right after his inauguration.

The decision was announced by Dmytro Razumkov, Zelensky’s aide, in his interview to 1+1.

“Zelensky is willing to let the Verkhovna Rada fulfill at least a part of their earlier promises,” he noted.

Answering the host’s question regarding Rada’s dissolution, Razumkov affirmatively said “of course”.

“It will be initiated,” he added.

Razumkov speaks about Rada’s dissolution starting at 46:00.

As “Apostrophe” reported earlier, Yatsenyuk’s team came up with a clever idea to sabotage Zelensky’s plan to dissolve the Parliament.