Saturday, 20 July

ТОП-20 лучших ресторанов Киева: итоги голосования

We need to act: Tymoshenko proposed a plan to revive Ukraine

The coalition that forms with the new convocation of Parliament needs to take Batkivshchyna’s plan to revive Ukraine as its basis, as the party leader Yuliya Tymoshenko told NewsOne.

“We proposed to create a coalition of actions and stop simply talking about reforms and dreams. The coalition’s actions should be based on the coalition agreement called the New Course, which is our program with a schedule plan. There are specific indicators of result. For instance, 7% of economic growth per year. There is no other party that has such a professional and comprehensive plan for Ukraine,” she said.

According to Tymoshenko, the new coalition should act and give people the result. The politician is certain that if her plan is implemented, in five years Ukraine will live the way Poland is living today.

If Batkivshchyna does not get into the coalition, the party will not be in opposition but will help in every way possible, as Tymoshenko added.