Friday, 23 August

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What will Ukraine face in the next 5 years: Zelensky made a bold statement

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the ambitious plans of his team: he promised that the economy of Ukraine will grow by 5-7% of GDP per year, and also he announced the creation of the land market and the legalization of casinos.

Zelensky said this at a business forum during his visit to Turkey.

According to the President, in the next 5 years Ukraine "will change dramatically".

"Now my team and I have a full mandate for change. We already have a majority in Parliament, we will soon form a professional government and choose a decent Attorney General. We will definitely take advantage of our chance to change the country," Zelensky said.

The head of state announced plans to invest at least $ 20 billion in infrastructure. It is planned to repair 24 thousand kilometers of roads, increase the number of really working airports to 15 and ensure the development of 5 sea ports.

According to Zelensky's forecasts, Ukraine's economy will grow by 5-7% of GDP per year.

"In autumn, we will adopt a law on concession, which will allow the state to work safely with the private sector... We will be very happy to have Turkish companies as reliable partners in all our projects. Welcome with your capital, experience, technology," the President said.

In addition, Zelensky said that in 2020 it is planned to create a land market. He also announced the "big" privatization and legalization of gambling - casinos in 5-star hotels near the Black sea.

The President promised to develop the telecommunications sector and 5G technologies, simplify business rules and introduce competitive rules in the energy markets.

According to him, the reforms should make Ukraine a "magnet for investment".

To recap, according to "Apostrophe", the headquarters of the "Servant of people" plan to reduce number of areas of Ukraine within reform.