Monday, 14 October

Лига чемпионов 2019/20: новости, результаты, видео

Taking down Putin's regime: why Russians might be provoked to use firearms / Ilya Ponomarev on results of Russia's local government elections

2019-09-11 07:31

Putin, go home: what world leaders agreed on during the G7 summit / Ukraine’s western partners did not support Russia's return to G7

2019-08-27 14:06

Governor-General of Ukraine: how Medvedchuk increases his influence / A well-known politician is actively striving for power

2019-07-9 11:05

Zelensky's defeat in the world: what will the silence of the President result in? / President Volodymyr Zelensky is not ready to talk to world leaders

2019-07-2 15:04

Zelensky is right in his attempts to initiate contact with Putin – British politician / Brooks Newmark believes Ukraine will not be able to handle Russia without Europe

2019-06-7 10:35

Putin must be given clear conditions; otherwise, he will split Europe – Rebecca Harms / The German politician is outraged by PACE’s decision on Russia

2019-06-6 12:49

Putin is not all right, but he will not go for a new war in Ukraine - Samuel Charap / American political scientist on Ukraine's relations with the US and Russia, and Putin's adventures

2019-05-27 08:24

Putin came up with a big deal with the United States concerning Ukraine: basics about it / Mykola Kapitonenko on negotiations of the USA and Russia concerning a great deal

2019-05-9 08:32

It is the piece of paper that makes the difference: how residents of Donbass change citizenship / It was quite a hassle to obtain a Russian passport for residents of the isolated districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions

2019-05-8 08:04

Putin came up with a new trap in Donbass / Igar Tyshkevich about passportization in the name of Putin

2019-04-25 00:01