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The national lottery operator, "M. S. L." was joined by the network "Kosmolot"

In July 2019, the operator of state lotteries "M. S. L." was joined by the network of distributors "Kosmolot".

This was reported on the website of the lottery operator.

It is reported that the unification took place due to the strategy of "M. S. L." on the implementation of the legislation of Ukraine, open and transparent work and adherence to the principles of Responsible Play of the European Lottery Association and security standard of the World Lottery Association.

"These are the qualities of the operator of state lotteries that are attractive for distributors: the lottery market has long been ready to work without corruption pressure from officials, according to civilized and ethical rules, with strategic planning for business development," “M. S. L.” said in a statement.

Due to this unification the operator expects the following changes:

1.Tax payment growth

All distributors of the state lotteries "M. S. L." work on the equipment which is connected to the Central computer system "M. S. L.", and the State Treasury of Ukraine has monitoring access to this system therefore it in real-time mode controls all transactions.

2. Monitoring the activities of lotteries

"M. S. L." has been certified three times within 6 years according to the standard of Responsible Gaming of the European Lottery Association. The operator of state lotteries demands unconditional implementation of these principles from its partners and distributors. "M. S. L.", according to the operator, monitors compliance with these standards and reacts rigidly in case of non-compliance.

3.Market competition

According to the operator, the new distributor’s joining to the "M. S. L." network will have a positive impact on the development of the lottery market of Ukraine.

"This step shows that business is ready to work on fair and transparent conditions, pay taxes and be safe for society. The more distributors come out of the "shadow", the more transparent, and therefore safe for society and profitable for the state and business the lottery market is. At the same time, the lottery market of Ukraine is still far from ideal. "M. S. L." demands from the Ministry of Finance to regulate the lottery market through the adoption of clear and transparent licensing conditions, to ensure the licensing conditions of the mandatory certification of operators for compliance with the standards of Responsible Gaming and safe business operation, as well as the implementation of a centralized system of accounting of funds on the lottery market," the operator states.

The operator of the state lotteries "M. S. L." registered in July 2019 in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine the state lottery "Lotto PLUS", which will be distributed by the "Kosmolot" network.

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