Saturday, 24 August

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Moscow is out for blood: Yatsenyuk revealed Putin’s despicable plan for Ukraine

Volodymyr Putin’s goal is war against us all rather than peace, as Moscow does not believe tears – it is out for blood.

That is what former Prime Minister and People’s Front party leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk wrote in his blog on Censor.NET.

Yatsenyukreminded that today, on the anniversary of the MH17 tragedy, “Medvedchuk presented Putin’s plan on Ukraine and Europe in Strasbourg.”

The bottom line of Russia’s plan is that Ukraine is to blame for everything: “Victims, Russian militants’ crimes, murders, tortures and rapes. Everything that was destroyed or sent to Russia. Ukraine has to pay for it all”.

According to Putin’s plan, voiced by Medvedchuk, “Ukraine does not have and cannot have an independent future. Everything will be decided by Moscow. That is what Kremlin wants. That is his version of the events. There are no Ukrainians. Never should have been.”

According to Kremlin’s plan, “in order to be preserved, Ukraine must be as divided as possible”:
“They suggest the autonomy for Donbas. Why? Because the autonomy of Donbas means the repeat of Crimea’s scenario.”

Meanwhile, as Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted, the Crimea is out of the question for Russia: “Moscow states the Crimea belongs to Russia. There is no other option.”

Europe, according to Putin’s plan, has to pay Moscow “for supporting the “making peace” ideology”, Yatsenyuk shared.

“You will pay forever, Putin says. Europe, continue like this, - he basically tells European listeners. Invite Medvedchuks, allow Russia into PACE and attentively follow the news: we will soon come for your next territories – Poland, Hungary, the Baltic States,” the politician wrote.

“Europe, says Putin on the MH17 anniversary, you will pay for everything – even for the collapse of the Soviet Union. You are tired, Europe. You count on the idea that the time has come to make amends. Putin believes otherwise. Receive him as a guest. He wants to dance on graves of the European hopes. That is exactly what Medvedchuk said today in Strasbourg”, Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed.