Friday, 23 August

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Putin prepares takeover: an expert revealed a sneaky plan on Ukraine

Russia’s President Volodymyr Putin will not stop his attempts to divide Ukraine, as blogger Oleksii Orestovych told “Apostrophe”.

“He will not easily give up his LPR and DPR tools, which he created at a very high cost – economic cost included. While it is true that there might be no shootings for months, they will resume periodically. Putin wishes to start the reforming process by his scenario. His task is Ukraine’s federalization and not decentralization, with a later transition to finlandization,” he said.

The expert added that, in 10-15 years, Russia would try to absorb Ukraine.

“At the very least, partially. They will be creating USSR 2.0, starting with Belarus and then Ukraine. Putin will do his best to have full control over the process. That is why we need to lead the war in Donbas with accordance to Putin’s global goals, which is restoring USSR 2.0 at least with a part of Ukraine. We cannot let this happen.

We are currently only playing defense. Those who play defense always lose. We have to start our offense, appealing to Ukrainians in Russia and Belarusians – from the White to the Black Sea. We have to attract a flow of Russian migrants, intelligent people who move here,” the expert expanded.