Sunday, 19 January
  1. Basic Instincts: Putin’s “Useful Idiots” / American political analyst Michael Willard on Ukraine's alleged interference in US elections

    2019-12-12 12:29

    Michael Willard
  2. The shelling won't stop: why Zelensky didn't win in Paris / ​According to Mykola Kapitonenko, Zelensky has become a hostage of the situation inside Ukraine

    2019-12-10 21:21

    Николай Капитоненко
  3. Kolomoiskyi spit in the face of all the families who lost loved ones in the war / Political scientist Mykhailo Basarab on Ihor Kolomoisky's scandalous statements

    2019-11-15 11:24

    Михаил Басараб
  4. Passions for NATO: Under What Conditions Ukraine Can Return to Talks about Membership / Mykola Kapitonenko on Ukraine's cooperation with NATO and MAP

    2019-11-01 13:12

    Николай Капитоненко
  5. Uneasy Brexit: the UK's battle with the EU might last for decades / Poul F. Kjaer on Brexit and the UK's snap elections

    2019-10-30 12:27

    Поль Кьер
  6. Ukrainegate: The worst is yet to come after US elections / Ukraine serves as a tool in the US domestic conflicts

    2019-10-04 14:37

    Николай Капитоненко
  7. Merely a symbol: why Ukraine needs the Steinmeier formula / Ukraine will not be able to avoid difficult decisions

    2019-10-02 8:20

    Николай Капитоненко
  8. The Ukrainian Scandal: Trump’s Strategic Move? / "Ukrainegate" may serve as a useful tool in Trump’s wider reelection strategy

    2019-09-28 17:15

    Mia Willard
  9. The Day Americans Will Always Remember / Michael Willard on the tragic 9/11 events

    2019-09-12 11:29

    Michael Willard
  10. Taking down Putin's regime: why Russians might be provoked to use firearms / Ilya Ponomarev on results of Russia's local government elections

    2019-09-11 7:31

    Илья Пономарев
  11. Business in Ukraine: Jump Right In, But Watch Out for a Few Jelly Fish / American CEO on conducting business in Ukraine

    2019-09-02 12:18

    Michael Willard
  12. What should be Ukraine`s position on review of regional security architecture / Ukrainian diplomat expresses his opinion on Ukraine's actions if Russia and the West start reaching agreements

    2019-08-28 15:44

    Vasyl Filipchuk
  13. Netanyahu’s visit to Ukraine – mediator or perpetrator? / Political analyst Anastacia Halushka on a relationship between Ukraine and Israel

    2019-08-21 16:20

    Anastacia Galouchka
  14. "It’s The Economy, Stupid": Why Trump Should Be Worried / American political analyst Michael Willard on growing fears of recession

    2019-08-19 13:14

    Michael Willard
  15. Mass shootings in the US: three reasons for the outburst of violence / Michael Willard on brutal massacres that shocked the United States

    2019-08-05 19:35

    Michael Willard
  16. Voting Advice Applications in Pre-Electoral Ukraine / How electronic instruments are helping Ukrainians to distinguish parties according to their agendas

    2019-07-19 11:15

    Андреас Умланд
  17. PACE welcomes back Russia: who is at fault and what can Ukraine do / Why sanctions alone cannot be an effective mechanism in the battle with the Russian Federation

    2019-06-25 11:03

    Vasyl Filipchuk
  18. If you do not score, someone will score you: what Zelensky needs to speak with Europe about / Vasyl Filipchuk about the first foreign visit of Volodymyr Zelensky

    2019-06-05 8:51

    Vasyl Filipchuk
  19. How did TV show “Chernobyl” illuminate climate change / The series utilizes metaphors to demonstrate the potential results of misunderstanding

    2019-06-04 10:11

    Pavlo Vyshebaba
  20. Dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada: restarting the old system or creating a new crisis in Ukraine / What would be the consequences of Volodymyr Zelensky's decision to dissolve Rada

    2019-05-20 15:36

    Svetlana Sherenetyeva
  21. Control over Zelensky and more: why Kolomoiskyi returned to Ukraine / Ihor Petrenko on the reasons for the return of Ihor Kolomoiskyi to Ukraine

    2019-05-16 13:59

    Игорь Петренко
  22. Putin came up with a big deal with the United States concerning Ukraine: basics about it / Mykola Kapitonenko on negotiations of the USA and Russia concerning a great deal

    2019-05-09 8:32

    Николай Капитоненко
  23. Putin came up with a new trap in Donbass / Igar Tyshkevich about passportization in the name of Putin

    2019-04-25 0:01

    Игар Тышкевич
  24. What was wrong with Poroshenko's foreign policy and what mistakes should Zelensky avoid / Николай Капитоненко о проблемах внешней политики Порошенко

    2019-04-24 11:23

    Николай Капитоненко
  25. Peace or chaos: seven important points of Zelensky's foreign policy / Mykola Kapitonenko about foreign policy of Zelensky

    2019-04-08 14:01

    Николай Капитоненко
  26. ​NATO will not fight: the return of the Crimea threatens nuclear war / Mykola Sunhurovskyi told when Ukraine would be able to return the Crimea

    2019-03-27 19:41

    Николай Сунгуровский
  27. ​Was there any conspiracy: why is Trump afraid to openly "be friends" with Putin / The investigation against Trump continues

    2019-03-26 9:52

    Сергей Галака