Friday, 23 August

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As in the war: one video with all the explosions in military warehouses in Russia appeared online

A terrible video appeared online, it shows how alternately, one after another, ammunition depots in a military warehouse in Achinsk were exploded.

These videos appeared on YouTube.

The video was shot from afar, so the strength and power of the explosions can be estimated with the naked eye.

On the footage one can see that the first explosion was weak, and the following exploded with great power. After each of them, a fountain of sparks and a giant mushroom of smoke rose into the sky.

According to "Apostrophe", a video appeared online showing that people left the city because to explosions in military warehouses near Achinsk (Krasnoyarsk region, Russia), which thundered on Monday, August 5.

Earlier a story of the eyewitness of explosive incident in Russia was published.

Read more about this emergency situation in Russia in the article on "Apostrophe": Military warehouses burn and explode in Russia, people are in panic: all information is known at the moment.