Friday, 23 August

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Ukraine clearly had a hand: an unexpected version of the tragedy on a nuclear submarine in Russia was announced

On the submarine АС -31, where due to fire and explosion 14 Russian officers were killed, instead of the batteries produced in Ukraine that are usual for the configuration of such boats, Russian batteries were installed.

This was reported by "Kommersant".

In particular, according to the media, it was found that the deep-water station of AC-31 type for a long time were equipped with silver-zinc batteries, which were produced in Ukraine. After the occupation of the Crimea by Russia and the beginning of the war in Donbas batteries AC-31, which were under warranty service of the manufacturer, were replaced with Russian lithium-ion batteries. St. Petersburg plant JSC "Battery company "Rigel" was chosen as a manufacturer and supplier of batteries for deep-water vehicles.

Having studied the accompanying documentation for the “Rigel” products, experts, journalists found found, among other things, the certificates indicating that the batteries transferred to the fleet were tested for explosion safety. Now the investigation is being held on who and how tested the product and why testing was not attended by representatives of the customer — the Ministry of Defense.

In addition, according to experts, the tragedy could be caused not only by structural or technological defects of batteries, but also by the extreme battery modes.

According to "Apostrophe", personal data of some seamen of the Russian Federation that died in the fire on the submarine in the Barents sea became known.

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