Saturday, 22 February


​The end of Trump? Media mogul Michael Bloomberg enters the US presidential race

“Heavy artillery" - represented by a billionaire and media mogul Michael Bloomberg, who officially announced his intention to run for the president of the United States - has entered the arena of political confrontation in America.

Odd US businessman acknowledged his role in dismissal of the US ambassador to Ukraine

Sam Kislin is believed to fight for his frozen “assets of Yanukovych” in Kyiv, yet to journalists he talked about his friendship with US president Trump, his role in dismissal of the US ambassador Yovanivitch and the corruption of Ukraine's former president Petro Poroshenko.


Mass shootings in the US: three reasons for the outburst of violence

Michael Willard on the main reasons for America's increasing level of violence and Donald Trump's role in it.


​Was there any conspiracy: why is Trump afraid to openly "be friends" with Putin

As evidenced by the findings released by US Attorney General William Barr, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller found no evidence of conspiracy of Donald Trump or any of his team with Russia and coordination between them of Russian interference in the US elections in 2016.

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