Thursday, 22 August

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Firtash got stuck in Austria: who blocks his extradition to the US

What is really going on with the extradition of Dmytro Firtash in the USA, and whether the oligarch has a chance to stay in Austria.

Zelensky is right in his attempts to initiate contact with Putin – British politician

The British politician believes Europe should increase its pressure on Russia in order for Putin to stop terrorizing Ukraine.

Putin must be given clear conditions; otherwise, he will split Europe – Rebecca Harms

Member of the European Parliament from Alliance 90/The Greens party and documentary director, Rebecca Harms, believes that Russia’s return to PACE would untie the Kremlin’s hands and provoke an aggravation of the “frozen” conflicts supported by Moscow.


Pro-Putin forces are not to be afraid of, Ukraine has other problems with Europe - Andreas Umland

Ultra-left and ultra-right European forces, which received a quarter of the vote in the European Parliament, will not be able to influence EU policy. Ukraine will have to actively establish relations with liberals from neighboring countries.


​Without fresh food and with political devastation - British political scientist on Brexit scenarios

“Apostrophe” spoke about the situation with SIMON ASHERWOOD, Professor of political science at the University of Surrey and Deputy Director of the “UK in a Changing Europe” program of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

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