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Ukraine won’t defeat Russia on its own, it should follow two tracks – Rebecca Harms

​Former Member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms shared her opinion on the issues of ecology and refugees, Russia’s aggressive policy and Europe’s role in establishing peace in Ukraine.


Europe ready to turn a blind eye to the large-scale war in Ukraine - Danish journalist

The Nord Stream project is a gathering of former Kremlin spies from all over Europe and their supporters. It is an instrument of political influence and a source of enrichment for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage. Still, it was forced to yield to Germany, the largest lobbyist of Russian interests in the EU - Jens Høvsgaard.

Firtash got stuck in Austria: who blocks his extradition to the US

What is really going on with the extradition of Dmytro Firtash in the USA, and whether the oligarch has a chance to stay in Austria.

Zelensky is right in his attempts to initiate contact with Putin – British politician

The British politician believes Europe should increase its pressure on Russia in order for Putin to stop terrorizing Ukraine.

Putin must be given clear conditions; otherwise, he will split Europe – Rebecca Harms

Member of the European Parliament from Alliance 90/The Greens party and documentary director, Rebecca Harms, believes that Russia’s return to PACE would untie the Kremlin’s hands and provoke an aggravation of the “frozen” conflicts supported by Moscow.

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