Sunday, 19 January

Ukraine won’t defeat Russia on its own, it should follow two tracks – Rebecca Harms

​Former Member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms shared her opinion on the issues of ecology and refugees, Russia’s aggressive policy and Europe’s role in establishing peace in Ukraine.

Ukraine can shut the door on politicians that peddle easily discredited conspiracy theories - Michael Willard

Trump's generals have left, the wisest of his advisors have left, and there is not a supervisory adult in the room to monitor the actions of the five-year-old child at the helm. There is little chance he will be convicted in a US Senate dominated by Republicans. However, as long as there is a free investigatory press, his malfeasance and the “Ukraine issue” will not go away.

Europe ready to turn a blind eye to the large-scale war in Ukraine - Danish journalist

The Nord Stream project is a gathering of former Kremlin spies from all over Europe and their supporters. It is an instrument of political influence and a source of enrichment for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage. Still, it was forced to yield to Germany, the largest lobbyist of Russian interests in the EU - Jens Høvsgaard.

​There is an effective way to make Ukraine less dependent on Russia - former NATO Secretary General

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen advised Ukraine on obtaining a full energy independence and developing its energy market.

There is a person with citizenship of Russia in our lists - the head of the election headquarters of the party of Zelensky

A significant part of the representatives of the party "Servant of the people" on the lists and in majority districts became candidates for deputies without proper verification.

Pavlo Petrenko: Zelensky's people will need our help

Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko explained why he decided to run for Parliament on the part of the political force of Volodymyr Groysman, why "Narodnyi Front" is not going to the elections, and whether the appointment of a new head of the presidential Administration is legal.

It is a weird thing that Russia is trying to defend the reputation of the Soviet state - Jared Harris, actor of Chernobyl series

One of the main roles in the series was played by the British actor Jared Harris. Due to the tough workload, Jared’s Manager in Los Angeles found only 10 minutes for the telephone conversation with "Apostrophe" journalist. During this time we asked Harris about the role of the scientist Valerii Legasov, filming in Kyiv and the desire get to see Chernobyl firsthand

Pro-Putin forces are not to be afraid of, Ukraine has other problems with Europe - Andreas Umland

Ultra-left and ultra-right European forces, which received a quarter of the vote in the European Parliament, will not be able to influence EU policy. Ukraine will have to actively establish relations with liberals from neighboring countries.

Putin is not all right, but he will not go for a new war in Ukraine - Samuel Charap

American political scientist Samuel Charap believes that Putin will not dare to a new war in Ukraine because of the very big risks, and Volodymyr Zelensky will face difficult negotiations with the Russian President

​Without fresh food and with political devastation - British political scientist on Brexit scenarios

“Apostrophe” spoke about the situation with SIMON ASHERWOOD, Professor of political science at the University of Surrey and Deputy Director of the “UK in a Changing Europe” program of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).