Friday, 15 November

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All opposed the call: Zelensky revealed new details of negotiations with Putin

On Wednesday, July 17, President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed new details of the negotiations with Volodymyr Putin, as he shared in his interview with ICTV.

“All our partners were opposed to me calling Putin. I, however, decided to call him. Because this is Ukrainian matter, our citizens’ matter,” Zelensky noted.

The President added that Ukraine should be grateful for the support of its Western partners but have own opinion.

According to Zelensky, Putin assured him that sees “all for all” solution with a prisoner exchange. The President of Ukraine suggested starting with Ukrainian sailors.

Moreover, Zelensky named potential timings for the meeting of the Normandy Four leaders.

“The first meeting of representatives took place on July 12. It was agreed to hold another, more substantial meeting. And after that meeting, four leaders will try to meet up: the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Putin, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron,” he stressed.

As “Apostrophe” reported earlier, on July 12, Zelensky made changes to the laws on military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.