Sunday, 26 January


Iranian missile: consequences for Ukraine

​Iran admitted that it "unintentionally shot down" a Ukrainian plane over its territory, thus putting an end to speculations around this issue. At the same time, it started a new round of problems and challenges. International Centre for Policy Studies has been closely monitoring the situation and publishing its position on the lessons Ukraine should learn from the crisis.

Foreign policy of Ukraine in 2019 and expectations for 2020

​2019 saw a new and inexperienced Ukrainian government navigating its way through a variety of sensitive diplomatic issues, not always with the amount of grace required in the given situation. 2020 will prove to be a year of challenges, and the variety of Ukraine’s important and delicate foreign relations will prove to be more important than ever - ICPS.


The shelling won't stop: why Zelensky didn't win in Paris

The Normandy format meeting didn't bring Ukraine closer to the desired peace. As a result, Volodymyr Zelensky risks losing the trust of his voters.


PACE welcomes back Russia: who is at fault and what can Ukraine do

In the night of the 25th of June, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) invited Russia to return to its place in PACE without any restrictions on their vote. Ukrainian diplomat Vasyl Filipchuk explains to “Apostrophe” the repercussions of the decision and what Ukraine should do next.


If you do not score, someone will score you: what Zelensky needs to speak with Europe about

Many people see a certain symbolism in Zelensky's trip to Brussels. However, let us not overestimate the importance of the first visits.

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