Thursday, 18 July

ТОП-20 лучших ресторанов Киева: итоги голосования

Formidable weapon that can stop Russia will be tested in Ukraine: video

Testing of the tactical missile complex "Hrim-2" for the AFU and Saudi Arabia will start in Ukraine.

The military-political expert Oleksandr Kovalenko ("Злой Одессит") reports about it on his page in "LiveJournal".

According to him, full-fledged tests of the main weapon for deterrence of the opponent will begin this year. It was reported by the General Director of CB "Yuzhnoye" Oleksandr Dehtiariov.

"On the background of the leaps and bounds of the advancing tests of RCC "Neptun" and running a series of missiles "Wilkha", all of this sounds extremely encouraging," Kovalenko wrote.

He recalled the message of the President Petro Poroshenko stating, that Ukraine has missiles with a range of targets up to a thousand kilometers.

"Then, in early April, I reflected on the fact that Poroshenko clearly had in mind the effective distance not of "Wilkha" or " Neptun ", which were well-known, but je meant the weapons that were known only to him as the Commander in chief, he meant the ultimate capabilities of the short-range ballistic missile system "Hrim -2", –the expert said.

He suggested that the prototype, which will soon be launched from the test site, is ready: "After all, having a ready-made rocket, as they say, made of metal, it is safe to say how it was possible to implement all the ideas in it and meet the expected combat characteristics."

"Well, I am looking forward to the first launches of short-range ballistic missile system "Hrim -2". A thousand kilometers after all, and this is a completely different conversation and even more - an argument," the military expert concluded.

As "Apostrophe" reported earlier, the field tests of the counterbattery radar 1Л220УК, which helps to determine the location of enemy guns were held in Ukraine.