Friday, 23 August

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A unique chance: there is an interesting forecast about Ukraine's relations with the West

West hopes that Ukraine will use a unique historical chance and move away from the "Soviet mentality".

This is what a military expert and blogger Aleksei Arestovich told in an interview to "Apostrophe".

He emphasized that Ukraine has a greater chance now than in 2014. Western countries are also optimistic about this, they are overflowing with optimism.

"For a long time didn't know, who is Zelensky - Little Russian and the enemy or just the romantic? His team has no strategic vision, it is not very educated, they do not know some key things, but they want to do something good. They're definitely not enemies. The only threat from them is unprofessionalism. But it is possible to work with unprofessionalism if the initial intentions are positive. I tend to judge their intentions as half-positive. They just want to do away with the old system. But what they are going to build – there is so much work to do about that," the expert said.

According to him, there is one positive news that Zelensky's team wants to change everything, and two alarming news - a certain lack of professionalism and lack of strategy.

"It would be a very powerful thing to combine sharp professionalization with finding a strategy, at least an economic one. But now the figure of the Prime Minister is the key to this - who will propose a new economic strategy," Arestovich said.

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