Wednesday, 19 June

Голосование за лучший ресторан Киева

Trump grew bolder: a dangerous forecast for the US-Russia friendship

According to Russian publicist Andrii Piontkovsky, the US President Donald Trump might move to closer relations with Russia’s leader Volodimir Putin. This, in turn, would mean increased Russian influence for Ukraine. Piontkovsky explored the thought in his commentary to “InfoResist”.

As he asserts, Trump has always been friendlier with Putin than the official American politics, including the US State Department and Trump’s closest advisors.

“In Ukraine, in particular, it’s been Kurt Volker who carried out the policy and not Trump. The policy was extremely friendly to Ukraine and rather aggressive toward Russia, Putin and the Kremlin. Now that Mueller’s report didn’t live out to be Trump’s political murder, he grew a bit bolder and allows himself to demonstrate his closeness with Putin. Trump called him, and they’ve talked for an hour and half. Now he’s sending Pompeo, and there are rather persistent rumors that Volker will be removed from his post. It is possible that Trump is going to push for a more pro-Putin policy in Ukraine,” Piontkovsky states.

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