Friday, 23 August

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He may lose everything: three scenarios of Zelensky’s exit were named

Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky claims that the Kremlin has a "ZINF scenario" – "Zelensky is not for long" regarding the newly elected President of Ukraine.

This was reported in the article on "Apostrophe": "ZINF scenario" Putin got everything he wanted in Ukraine, but Zelensky can fix everything".

According to the political scientist, the Russian President "really had a program of influence on the Ukrainian elections" and it is partially or entirely implemented successfully – despite the lack of a clear program incompetent persons or outspoken supporters of the Kremlin got to the Parliament. Belkovsky claims that Putin achieved this by interfering in the Ukrainian elections.

The expert noted that in Ukraine there is no "fascist dictatorship", respectively, society can respond quickly to events in political and public life. It is due to this that Zelensky can lose the positon of President of the country.

"If Zelensky does not use the presumption of trust, then, firstly, a large number of deputies may leave his fraction, and he will lose the majority. Secondly, the process of impeachment may begin. Third, free Ukrainians always have the mechanisms of going out on the streets and no change of power in elections. And the most civilized peace scenario is just a change of the President at the end of the five-year term," the article says.

According to "Apostrophe", earlier the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich said Ukraine accepted from Russia "the worst experience" having elected “people far from politics” to the Verkhovna Rada.