Wednesday, 21 August

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TOP-20 parties: ICPS experts present the effectiveness rating of political powers in Ukraine

The International Center for Policy Studies (ICPS) with the help of its internet partner “Apostrophe” presents the results of “TOP-20 active and effective parties of Ukraine”

The study was conducted using a unique methodology, and it presents a detailed analysis of all 352 parties’ activities through the past political cycle, as ICPS informs in the press release.

The parties were analyzed by 4 key indexes: electoral activity, electoral effectiveness, goal orientated problem-solving in projects, and informational activity.

“Political parties are an integral segment of a democratic state and are meant to express the interests of citizens and formulate public policy. There are 352 political parties in Ukraine, but the general public knows only a few dozen of them. Usually, citizens learn about the activities of political parties through television advertising and slogans on billboards during the pre-election period. The populist slogans, rebranding of political parties and politicians migrating from one party to another – it all merges into a dynamic kaleidoscope that distorts the ordinary citizen’s perception of political parties and their activities. It should be kept in mind that these parties have a number of socially important functions that they have to perform, such as the formation of a public-political program, consolidation of society around said program and its implementation through participation in the elections. This is the type of engagement that is expected of political parties in a democratic state”, as stated in the press release.

The event's program: presentation of the TOP-20 active and effective parties, presentation of leading parties through separate indexes, and the presentation of quirky moments in the life of political parties, followed by a discussion.

The purpose of the study is to help citizens and representatives of the expert world to better evaluate Ukrainian political parties. Representatives of all interested political parties, experts, and journalists were invited to participate in the event.